At TechLinkers, we follow six-step methodology for delivering the best solutions. The seven step process includes the following deliverable for the development of a high end, database driven website, and cutting edge web application featuring all the specifications

1. Research and Discovery

  • Gathering all the specifications of the project
  • In-depth research of the field, market pool, and target population
  • Establishing the strategy to best accomplish the goals within budget and timeframe
  • Fine tuning the technological route for the design and development of the website
  • Determining the full and final in-depth scope of the project

2. Strategic Planning

  • Conception of the main goals of the website and of the users
  • Conception of the website’s flow
  • Preparation of detailed charts and wireframes showing the different areas of the website, their features, the technologies that will be implemented, etc…
  • e. Optimization of the navigation according to the application’s goals

3. Interface Design

  • Conception and creation of the graphic theme of the website and of the web application, including color scheme, atmosphere, general look and feel, etc...
  • Actual design of the website and of the web application based on the layouts and structures
  • Conception and creation of all the graphic elements of the website

4. Front End Development:

  • Top quality hand coding (XHTML / CSS / JavaScript) of all the web pages
  • Advanced programming and integration of latest front-end web technologies for enhanced user experience and usability

5. Server-side Development

  • Integration of the databases
  • Actual programming work to implement the application
  • Actual programming work to implement the back-end and full administration
  • Integration with all features

6. Testing & Launch

  • Extensive testing to ensure the application is 100% bug free and is fully compatible with all latest browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc...)
  • Fine tuning the final details of the application design and features
  • Configuration and setup of the server that will host the website
  • Migration of the site to the live server and launch