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Zint is an established British supplier of high quality Dental, Surgical, Implant and Beauty products. We have been supplying to over 200 surgeries across the world since opening and hope to increase this number in the next few months. All our products are BRAND new and they are Stainless Steel products with the highest quality for our customers. Our products are also CE marked and fully conformed to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Standards.

All our products are of high quality and are stocked directly from the leading manufacturers, hence, if you are interested in wholesale quantities please contact us at using eBay Messaging system.

We value your time, therefore we post your items ASAP. Same or next day guaranteed.

If you a want a faster shipping method. Just purchase the item and send us a note stating with mailing service you prefer. We will adjust the invoice accordingly. We do not make any money off of P&P charges so rest assured that we will charge you actual postage cost or less


Norfolk International

Norfolk International offers a wide product range surgical & Dental instruments used in cardiac, vascular, thoracic, pulmonary, orthopedics, hand surgery, traumatology, arthroscopy, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology, liver, gastrointestinal, gall bladder and kidney surgery. Our products are also utilized in the ENT field, oral surgery, plastic surgery, and microsurgery, minimally invasive and general surgery.


We believe integrity enables us to establish & maintain long term relationships with each of our unique client partners as well as our employees.Open & honest communication in the work environment is the first key to highly successful organizations. We firmly believe that innovation is intrinsically valuable and by that we can find better ways to produce good quality products by optimizing our resources. With a diverse range of experiences, we are confident that our talented team can help us to achieve a better business outcome for our organization in future as well.



As the 21st century is started with the new dynamic paradigm in the field of Leather & Textile Motorbike Garments, Denim Clothing Fashion Wear, where the OGGIE76 UK LTD is one of the most successful and emerging company which is rapidly knowing all over the globe by its quality products, validity, reliability, and price efficiency.

Our Company is established by a competent entrepreneurs who fascinated for exploring their innovative ideas in the real and practical form by integrating the modern technology with the new ideas and participation of diverse expertise thus surprising and pleasing the customers by successfully exceeding the needs and wants of the customers.


Natra Instruments

Trade Leader stands for high quality stainless steel products for everyone at fair prices!

Trade Leader is an international trading company, established in 2011. Through our Ebay- Trade- Leader- Shop we created an international customer base with satisfied clients all over the world.

Following our successful online store, we are now pleased to offer our products online with great deals keeping the same high EU standards. Our intention is to provide high quality products with extremely good price for our customers. We are promising to deliver the orders on time to our customers with excellent quality at best prices.

hamsafar Enterprises

Humsafar Enterprises

Hamsafar Enterprises | Hunting Caps & Hats, Cartridge Belts, Dog Accessories, Gun Covers

Hamsafar Enterprises is a leading hunting & shooting goods manufacturing company which is involved in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of


FANN International

We are an advanced motorcycle gear manufacturing company providing  experience  of ride with grip, comfort, safety and all modern technical features, Therefore our approach is dynamic, feasible and with tested result of viability.
Fann International is a family managed company which was established in 1993 by my father Mr. Nawaz Ahmed (with 15 years of experince of running another manufacturing company as a managing director) with aim to produce high quality protective gloves and clothing for motorcycle riders along with complete customer satisfaction and value for money. Since for last 20 years our company kept introducing all advanced technical and saftey features in riding gear by the passage of time and have served our valuable clients all over the globe with same passion and hardwork.